About Me

I am currently a manager, technical lead, UI/UX designer, (semi) front-end developer, career counselor, 508 lead, and trainer (whew!) at a prestigious company in Northern Virginia. I design because it is my creative outlet. I’m passionate about my career because my work ethics doesn’t allow me to be any other way. I strive to inspire and motivate others to also take pride in their work. In this field, we might not always get to interact with the end user, so it’s easy to forget our purpose, but I encourage others to always think, ‘client first’.

My theory is, the harder it is to implement means the easier the UI is for the user.

At the end of the day, I am a girlfriend, daughter, sister, and aunt.



Management 5+ years
Scrum Master 3+ years
Career Counselor 2+ years
Mentor 5+ years
Trainer 5+ years


Axure, Prototype Pro, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle 8+ years
Photoshop 8+ years
Illustrator 5+ years


HTML 8+ years
CSS 8+ years
508-Compliance 8+ years


I am currently the UI/UX Director, Scrum Master, 508-Specialist and more at Economic Systems Inc. (EconSys). The current project I am redesigning is FedHr Navigator. FedHR Navigator is a software that allows HR personnel help place the right people with the right job. I plan to bring the best experience to these personnel by updating the software to a modern and intuitive front-end that makes their lives less cumbersome, while meeting all 508-compliance expectations. I have also introduced new processes and standards company wide that allows us to operate more efficiently. I am sure I will have more great news to come!

Economic Systems Inc. (EconSys) UI/UX Director & 508 Lead Jan. 3, 17’ –

I was the UI/UX lead for a prestigious project, Veteran Affairs (VA) Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP). eHMP is created to replace the existing VistA EHR system. The newly design eHMP is made to enhance the user experience so that providers are able to deliver the best achievable patient care. I manage a team of UI and UX developers and designers that made this project possible. I also trained each individual on my team of 10+ members how to design, code, and test for 508-complaince. With the responsibility of the 508 lead for a project of 300+, I also trained all front-end developers and testers about 508-complaince by holding courses that spanned over a 2-month period. eHMP not only has a new look and feel under my guidance, but it is also meets 508-compliance standards, which is something that VisTa EHR did not have the opportunity to accomplish. I also do training on tools such as Rally, Jaws, DeQue Axe, Total Validator, and more, to new members. I placed a process within the project that assures not only the quality but also the consistency of the end product. The process was to monitor each development team by performing code quality check (JS, CSS, HTML), testing for 508, and manual testing for UI consistencies. I overlooked all UI code before publishing. I also manage employees and am a career counselor. I help employees with their career trajectory and develop their growth. I participate in the interviewing process and finding new talent.

Accenture Federal Services (AFS) UI/UX & 508 Lead Sept. 1, 15’ –
Dec. 31, 16'

I work on multiple projects following the agile process delivering effective websites and solving problems for government agencies. I work closely with the client and product owner/project manager to solidify requirements, purpose, and goals of the project. I am also called upon to provide content or edit existing content being that I have a background as a technical writer. I play the role of Information Architecture (IA) building wireframes and prototypes; then switch gears and utilize my skills as a UX and UI designer to create designs from icons, websites, mobile applications, portals, dashboards, logos, etc. while always keeping the user/client in mind. Besides my roles as an IA and UI designer, I also further my contribution to the company by taking the designs I have created and develop functional mock-ups that include HTML, CSS3, and jQuery coding etc. while following 508 compliance. By providing HTML mockups, I reduce the amount of implementation time and allow the QA team to begin their test cases right away. As soon as developers complete implementation, I then play the role of QA and perform intensive front end manual testing from cross browser testing to device testing assuring that the work matches the mock ups and meets 508 compliance standards. I am present from the start to finish of the project assisting in every way possible. At Agilex, I also assist in the interviewing and hiring process of new UI/UX designers to join the team and manage designers and developers.

UI/UX & 508 Lead Mar. 27, 12’ –
Sept. 1, 15’

I worked with a tremendous IT team at ICFI on multiple projects and provided technology solutions for government and commercial clients in energy, environment, health, human services, social programs, homeland security, and defense market. Some of the projects that I supported include Aids.gov, GlobalHealth.gov (lead developer), OPA.gov, CDC.gov, OPRE.gov (lead developer), koshland-science-museum.org (lead developer). I participated in redesigning these websites in languages such as CSS and HTML while following 508 compliance standards to enhance the UI and to update the look and feel. I learned to develop in Drupal in 10 days and took the lead and developed sites such as pepco.com and www4.eere.energy.gov/challenge/(lead developer). I also provided icons, designs, logos etc. working with Photoshop. For OPA, I began working closely with the client to help them enhance their social networking and provided content for them to post on Twitter.com. I also became a mentor and trained many junior UI developers.

Frontend Developer Aug. 16, 10’ –
Mar. 26, 12’

I helped managed Freddie Mac’s internal and its 6 external 250+ pages websites with an IT team in a fast paced and time constraint environment. I assisted in cross checking content and layout of websites to assure its perfection before deploying live to production as a project manager. As PM, I also assured my team always had work and stayed productive. Working with clients, exerted my excellent communication and customer service skills. While maintaining websites, I also quickly resolved issues that occur in HTML, xHTML, JavaSript, and CSS language. Programs/applications that I use to manage all sites are Dreamweaver, Team Site, Text Pad, Photoshop, Putty, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox (tools).

Frontend Developer May 19, 08’ –
Aug. 13, 10’